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Clearpage Releases Screenshot

We find ourselves constantly needing to take screenshots around this place, and the old utilities weren't cutting it. The Grab application is a hassle having to click through options, then it pops up an annoying window with the capture adding to the desktop clutter. On top of that it refuses to capture stills of videos. So we created a simple app, you run it from the dock, it gives you a pointer, you select what you want and it goes to the clipboard, and then the app closes. Perfect! And it captures video stills. You can download it here for Mac OS 10.5.

Download for Mac OS 10.5

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19 is Unveiled

Truman Photos is an online community that showcases photos taken by local photographers. Clearpage was selected to build the site and created a custom solution from the ground up. The site offers photos for sale by printed hard copies and by digital downloads.

The site offers the Truman Photos community a plethora of features including a batch photo upload, photo cropping, tagging, and rating by the community. The site also allows photographers to apply online to become a seller and manages their portfolio, sales, and royalties.

The Truman Photos site also includes a set of administration controls to track print orders, intellectual property management using a watermarking system, and allows the admin to control nearly every aspect of the site from pricing, user management, category management, email alerts, and more.

Checkout for stunning photos by local photographers.

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Buyback Added to Brads Books

After a successful launch of their new site by Clearpage, the functionally of has been extended to allow students to sell their used textbooks to Brad's Books.

The site allows students to enter a list of book ISBN numbers and the site searches a massive database to offers the student to most competitive pricing based on what other stores are offering.

The site also intergraded with DHL to create a prepaid shipping label for the student to ship the books for free.

Beneath the intuitive interface if this site is a complex integration with third party APIs including Amazon, LinkPoint, DHL, Fillz, mySQL, and Access databases. This integration allows Brad's Books to sell and buy textbooks without having to manually manage inventory and pricing. The site automatically connect to their brick and mortar store to update inventory and pricing.


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